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Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 312-7978

We are European inspired Balkan small plate concept . Our dishes are carefully created to accomplish unique crafted cocktails and Balkan peninsula wines.



DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE + BARLEY RISOTTO | $15 for the pairing per person

Citrusy flavor from our cocktail is nicely paired with the creamy risotto. Both light items and the acidity notes in each item with the contrast from grapefruit and sweetness of the cocktail with some cream flavor from risotto make this a truly complementing pair.

LITTLE WATER SOUR + SALMON | $20 for the pairing per person

Acidity from pomegranate and lime along with ginger from the aioli are perfectly complementing the grilled salmon. Egg foam and mustard seeds from the leek purée giving this paring other dimension in textures, so you can enjoy it with all your senses.

WU GENTLEMAN + GOURMET BURGER | $25 for the pairing per person

Mix of the traditional rye bourbon and French cognac are making this a powerful drink. The only way you can pair it with food without this drink taking over the whole experience would be ordering it with a traditional gourmet burger coming from an original Balkan recipe. When you combine smoke from the drink and smoke from the grill you will enjoy in a delightful aroma that these two make together.