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Unexpected flavors forged from nature and mingled with flourish. Vibrant herbs grown as close to home as it gets (they’re from the rooftop garden). The freshest ingredients responsibly sourced both near and far.

This is modern bistronomy—casual fine dining where experimentation becomes the everyday. Experience cuisine that’s constantly evolving in a setting that’s forever inviting. Drink with delight at the bar. Make the menu your own. Let the exploration unfold.


Cocktail week pairing

Bresca is pleased to feature the Bat & Lion, our bar manager Will Patton's 2020 Bacardi Legacy Finalist cocktail, paired with Chef Ryan Ratino's Scallop Mi-Cuit. The Bat & Lion is celebration of luck and perseverance and features Bacardi Superior Rum, honeydew juice, coconut white shoyu syrup, lime and St Germain. This crisp refreshing, umami forward cocktail balances the savory notes of the white shoyu with the bright freshness of the honeydew juice, all layered on the vanilla, almond backbone rum. The bright citrus pairs with the rich buttermilk of the Scallop Mi-Cuit and coconut helps highlight the seasonal turnips. From 5 pm onwards in the entire restaurant. $26 for the pairing per person.

Bresca Bat & Lion.png