713 H St., NW
Washington, DC 20001 (202) 289-4441

It was here in Chinatown that the Matchbox story began. This narrow, rectangular building was three stories tall, fifteen feet wide, and looked like a matchbox. It stood vacant for so long, a tree grew inside of it, like kindling waiting to start a new fire. We’re Chinatown neighborhood gathering place for fun, upscale casual dining, with local, award-winning beers, broad spectrum wines, and handcrafted signature cocktails you won’t find anywhere else.


Cocktail week pairing

Our Rose Sangria brings together the best of fresh strawberries and lemon with bright rose. We muddle the strawberries and simple syrup with a splash of Deaths Door Gin and serve over iced rose wine. We pair our Rose Sangria with our tuna tartar taco where the spicy sriracha and creamy avocado balance with the fresh fruity flavor. $13 for the pairing per person.

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